Monday, August 18, 2014



Marla Created by Roxxyando 08-18-2014
A special Thank you to Margeh75 for Poses and Pictures. Thank you Margeh for your talent and kindness.
No CC by me. Please Do Not Copy, Remake, Reupload, Modify or Claim this Sim as your own.
Sim is for in game use only. If you are interested in using this Sim to display your CC please contact me first.
Thank you  Custom Content Artist,and Pose Makers for whom help make our Sims and game so much more Beautiful and fun. 
A list of CC will be provided upon request. Credits and CC Artist I use are listed on this blog.
This Sim was created using custom sliders and custom skin. Sliders by Jonah MTS and
 Skin is by Navetsea Adult Glam Non-Default
I hope you like this Sim, Im trying to enhance and grow as an Artist.
Happy Simming everyone !!!!


  1. ♥ amazing Marla dear sherri, so so beautiful just i say Whaou i luv her <3

  2. You are too kind thank you so much, she is so different from my typical sims i just glad she is liked too, lol

  3. She is amazing my dear, WOW Gorgeous!!!♥

  4. She is stunning! Beautiful as always!

  5. She is really amazing, Stunning, beautiful, Wow, gorgeous, fantastic.. My Fave.. Hugs :)

  6. Coucou Sherri ♥
    Je vois que tu ne fais plus de créations ...tu vas bien ?
    Gros bisous

  7. I dont think you will read this, but why hide the CC for yours sims? any site publish the CC invovled to a sim. This is very anoying and belive me. this kind of "secrets" dont help to your blog.

  8. Im sorry its alot of custiom content i use on my Sims, soo I wont be putting everything I used to make them on the site its too much to list, if you would like to know what was used i will give you that info, but as you can see I havent made a sim in awhile since my Mom passed away I lost my creative drive and I havent gotten it back. You are welcome to DL my Sims and if you would the info I will be glad to look, it up and give it to you, just leave the address you want the info to go to and Thanks for visiting.

  9. wow its been awhile since I read comments on my sims and wow Im blown away with the fabulous Artist that have commented on my work thats amazing I am honored. Thank you very much.


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