Wednesday, May 10, 2017



To Download this Sim Please click on the link below:

JC is a Sims 3 Sims Model to download for game play only. If youy would like to use this Sim in any way except game play please contact me. Please DO NOT Modify, remake or claim this Sim as your own. 
All Custom Content is from the wonderful Artist at TSR. If you would like a detailed list of all custom content for this or any Sim please contact me as there are too many to list each time I create a Sim.  TSR or The Sim Resource link is  choose Sims 3 category for all Sims 3 items . 
I wish to thank all the wonderful Artist at TSR for all their hard work in creating the custom content I use for creating my Sims, screenshots and game play. 

This is my first Sim creation in several years, please be kind and not to critical of my work as I had to re learn how to do everything. Thank you

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