Friday, July 7, 2017


Daniella Created by Roxxyando 7/6/17

All Pics are screenshots from my game . No retouches are done on any Sim. 
No CC by me. Please Do Not Copy, Remake, Re upload, Modify or Claim this Sim as your own.
Sim is for in game use only. If you are interested in using this Sim to display your CC please contact me first.
Thank you to all the  Custom Content Artist,and Pose Makers  whom help make our Sims and game so much more Beautiful and fun and to the Custom Content Artist who provide me with such lovely item to complete my rooms and houses. 
A list of CC will be provided upon request. Credits and CC Artist I use are listed on this blog, and most of the CC Artist are at TSR. 
This Sim was created using custom sliders and custom skin. 
TSR and most CC can be found at :

I would like to thank TSR and these Artist at TSR- Pralinesim PS, NataliaS, M75 Margeh75, Pizazz, S Club, SkySims, MsBlu Simroni, MartyP, Harminia,  PixieEcstesy, CashCraft, April, Lulu265, MJ95,,Anto, BuffSim, Bukovka, Cazy, Dot,   Shino KCR, IMHO Mia8, BEO, Severinka, Astra Sims,  and so many more.  
Sliders by S Club- Eyelash Sliders and eyelashes,  Bell3lek4 - Facial Sliders Lady FrontBum at SIMply Celebrity Sims, Mod The Sims,  
Heres the link for facial sliders in case you can no longer find them Courtesy of fallingtreesims.
 When you download my Sims most all of the CC used to make this Sim  will download with the Sims. Pacakge files do not download with the Sims I have listed the sliders and the Artist.    There are so many more Artist I would like to Thank as well that is not listed, thank you so much for making all your wonderful CC. Sims 3
Happy Simming everyone !!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog,  comments are welcome ,  please do not leave negative comments. if you like my Sims please click the like button below the Sim so Ill know you do like my work

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