Monday, June 23, 2014



Brandis Created by Roxxyando 06-23-14

This Sim is for In Game Use Only.
Pics are not retouched, they are Screenshots from in game.
Sliders and Custom Skins were used to create this Sims.
You must download the sliders and skin or have the sliders and skin so this Sim will look the exact same, if you do not the Sim will look a little different.
Hair does not download with this Sim.
No CC was created by me.
Thank you to All CC Artist and Pose Makers
without you this Sim would not be. You help make our Sims beautiful.
CC information and links are provided upon request.
Thank you I hope you like and enjoy this Sim, Happy Simming !!!


  1. ♥ bravo, Sherry elle est si jolie quel plaisir de la voir tout en douceur et une présence amicale, ♥ j'aime +++ Merci pour ce partage ♥ Belle journée à vous.

  2. Bonjour Sherri ♥ elle est superbe ! et je te remercie pour ton message déposé sur mon blog . Bisous et bonne fin de semaine


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