Monday, May 26, 2014


No CC by Me. I wish to thank all the CC creators and Pose Makers who help make our Sims beautiful. I am sorry if I have forgotten to include your name.
MartyP, IMHO, Margeh75, Altea127, Pralinesims, Sintiklia, Severinka, NataliaS, DOT, SkySims, TSR, BEO Creations, Milina, Loriandia, Liana, MTS, NewSea, ClioSims, Sims OtherSide, MASims, Astra Sims, Cashcraft, CstylesSims, Metens, Bill Sims, Fresh Prince Sims, SClub Privee, Bukovka, LemonLeaf, Sina, SunSims,CatCrporation, riccinumbers, jomsims,

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