Monday, May 26, 2014

Kortney Happy New Year!

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Please do not copy modify upload my work to claim as your own.
Sliders, Custom Skins, and CC are used on each Sim .
Thank you to all Pose Makers, Custom Content Artist which
without you our Sim World would not be as Beautiful.
MartyP, Margeh75, IMHO, TSR Artist, Pralinesims, Altea127, Birba32, DOT, Cashcraft, Riccinumbers, SimMan, MASims, Sintiklia, AllAboutStyle, SunsetSims, Milina Sims, MissDayDreams, LorandiaSims, Astra Sims,
NataliS, S-Club Privee, JomSim,iridia sims, BEO Creations, Liana Sims,
NewSea Sims, Peggy Sims, cliosims3,ViaSims,ButterflySims,IrinkSims,
Severinka Sims, Bill Sims,Navetsea Sims,SIMcredible, And Many More !!!
Please forgive me if I missed listing your name.

Sliders Used :
Bodysliders by Johna
Septum Sliders by #aWT
You MUST have the sliders or the sim will not look the same. You will still get the Sim and CC but Sim will look slightly different than the pictures

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